Using Business Loans to Buy Commercial Property

Commercial bank loans are an investment in the future of your business, paving the way for business expansion, such as opening up new premises for your business. With Mortgage Masters, you’ll receive the quickest response times, the best interest rate comparisons and the financial advice that you need to initiate your next step.  Business loans cannot be used to buy personal property, but you may be aware that a business loan can be used for property, if that property is for commercial purposes such as a warehouse, store or new office space. Mortgage Masters is the commercial mortgage broker for those looking for a business loan for an investment or commercial property. We help businesses find loans and other investment financing so that they can build, buy or rent commercial real estate and expand their business to its fullest potential. Business loans and investment property loans that we provide include a number of loan facilities, specialising in: variable and fixed-term commercial bank loans, business and commercial finance, commercial property finance and loans for investment properties.

Information and Advice

We at Mortgage Masters provide you with all the information you need, from how to access a business loan to how to use that loan to invest in commercial real estate. We can also tell you when it may be a better idea to apply for a small business loan, as opposed to using existing funds, for example to improve your business credit score by adding to your positive portfolio of loans and lines of credit. Your small business could benefit from a new small business loan if you’re looking to expand your business, open a new store, move your warehouse or factory, expand your office spaces or broaden your business’ horizons. We offer financing for commercial real estate including retail locations, apartments and other multi-family complexes too, as well as self-storage, office spaces, restaurants, medical facilities and assisted living centres; so that no matter what your business needs, we can provide you with the best possible route to success. We take on this role with pride, as we understand that access to capital is essential for all businesses to succeed and grow to their full potential.

Industry Knowledge and Contacts

We know which banks or other lenders would accept your application because of our industry relationships, so we can negotiate the best deal for you and whatever you’re looking for. We structure your loan so you can pay it off as quickly as possible, meaning less interest to pay and money saved for your business. We also have the flexibility and the experience to work with lenders and commercial banks, to create a bespoke loan package with a repayment structure that is specific to your business requirements. Request a Consultation online or contact us today.

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