Your Guide to Saving for Retirement in NZ

When you’re seeking to balance risk management with strategic financial planning, our KiwiSaver offers the insight you need.

Find The Retirement Plan That's Right For You

KiwiSaver can offer the mainstay of Kiwi Retirement funding to many Kiwis in the future.

By and large, members are sitting on a default scheme. This means that they have not confirmed which fund is suitable for their current situation, the appropriate risk level, and time until their retirement age. This is vitally important when confirming where their savings should be invested.
This will make a huge difference to fund performance by the time the member reaches retirement age. The return on a conservative fund and growth upon retirement will be huge.
We work with clients to discuss their appetite for risk and their understanding of how each fund reacts to market swings. We work to explore client needs and their time frame to retirement. We only provide first-class advice.

To learn more about our KiwiSaver options, contact our team today.

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