Commercial Mortgage Brokers & Loans For Auckland Businesses

Mortgage Masters is your trusted commercial mortgage broker, here to help you grow your business in Auckland. We connect businesses with the best lending opportunities and investment financing to build, buy, or rent commercial real estate.
Commercial Loans for Business and Real Estate in Auckland, NZ

Business Loans And Real Estate

Our wide selection of commercial loan products includes:
We offer financing for commercial real estate including retail locations, apartments, multi-family complexes, warehouses, self-storage, office space, restaurants, medical facilities, and assisted living centres.
We also have the flexibility and the experience to work with lenders to create a bespoke loan package, with a repayment structure tailored to your business requirements.

Opening The Door To Exciting Business Growth

Our mortgage brokers will work with you to get you the right loan, with the right terms and at the right rate. We do this quickly and effectively so you can focus more on your business while we help you make sense of your finances.
We take this role on with pride, as we understand that access to capital is essential for all businesses to succeed and grow. Business loans are an investment in the future, paving the way for business expansion such as opening new premises, renovating existing facilities, or purchasing new equipment vital to your company operations.
Our mortgage brokers will present you with competitive options that fit your requirements and budget. We will negotiate the terms, coordinate the due diligence process, and work with you all the way through to closing the agreement. We can continue to support you after closing with annual reports and other documentation.
Independent Financial Advice and Financing Help by Mortgage Masters in New Zealand

Best on the Market

Our mortgage brokers can access all the deals on the market and offer you the best deal available.

Independent Financial Advice and Financing Help by Mortgage Masters in New Zealand

Independent Financial Advice

We aren’t just your mortgage brokers, but we can also advise on any relevant financial product.

Time saving mortgage deals with mortgage masters in New Zealand

Save Time

We know which banks or other lenders would accept your application, so we can negotiate the best deal for you.

Save money for mortgage and financial deals in Auckland, NZ

Save Money

We structure your loan so you can pay it off as quickly as possible, meaning less interest to pay.

Mortgage Calculator by Mortgage Masters in NZ

Mortgage Calculator

Get in touch with us today to discuss your commercial loan. Call Mortgage Masters on 0800 630 7171.

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