Mortgage Masters: Your Trusted Mortgage Broker in New Zealand

Mortgage Masters: Trusted mortgage brokers in New Zealand
Mortgage Masters are your local Auckland mortgage brokers with over 40 years of combined experience.
As experts in home and commercial mortgages, we are on hand to make sure your residential or business mortgage is right for you. There’s no pressure selling from us; just good, honest and helpful financial advice and services.
Home Loans for First Home Buyers and Investors by Mortgage Masters in New Zealand

Home Loans

As one of Auckland’s best mortgage lenders, we cover first homes, investment properties, refinancing, and new builds.

Commercial Loans for Businesses by Mortgage Masters in New Zealand

Commercial Loans

We help businesses apply for commercial loans to finance building projects, buy new equipment, or rent commercial real estate to support their growth.

Insurance Plans by Mortgage Masters in New Zealand

Insurance Plans

We offer general insurance, life insurance, medical insurance and mortgage protection.

The Best Market Deals At Your Fingertips

Why use a mortgage broker rather than a bank for your mortgage? It’s all about getting you the best possible loan on the market, not just the best loan from one institution. Banks are generally limited to just selling their bank’s products, meaning you may miss out on a better deal elsewhere.
At Mortgage Masters, our Auckland-based mortgage brokers have access to a wide range of products, so we simply match your needs and financial situation to the right lender.
Best mortgage deals in Auckland by Mortgage Masters New Zealand
Mortgage Masters: Trusted mortgage brokers in New Zealand

A Community Business You Can Trust

We don’t believe in the hard sell, as we have nothing to gain by pairing you up with a mortgage that isn’t right for you. Instead, we help you get a small business loan, first home mortgage, or property investment loan that supports your finance and lifestyle goals.
One satisfied customer leads to another so we rely heavily on word of mouth. As a community-based business with strong ties to Auckland, we wouldn’t have been able to grow without the trust of our valued clients.
Unlike the rotating doors among bank staff, our steady service fulfils the need for a reliable mortgage broker service, based on strong relationships with the community.
Independent Financial Advice and Financing Help by Mortgage Masters in New Zealand

Independent Financial Advice

We aren’t just mortgage brokers; we can also advise on any relevant financial product.

Time saving mortgage deals with mortgage masters in New Zealand

Save Time

We know which banks or other lenders would accept your application, so we can negotiate the best deal for you.

Save money for mortgage and financial deals in Auckland, NZ

Save Money

We structure your loan so you can pay it off as quickly as possible, meaning less interest to pay.

Mortgage Calculator by Mortgage Masters in NZ

Mortgage Calculator

Our Satisfied Customers

Request a consultation

Get in touch with us for professional, honest, and helpful services in residential and commercial mortgages. Call us at 0800 630 7171 today.

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FAQs For Mortgage Broker Services

The New Zealand government provides help for first home buyers, with KiwiBuild, First Home Loan and First Home Grant initiatives. To qualify for this mortgage scheme, first home buyers now only need a 10% deposit.

There are different types of loans available – fixed, floating, offset, revolving, or a mixture of these – and the best choice for you depends on your financial situation and lifestyle

Many of our clients believe a 20% deposit is needed to buy a house in New Zealand, but that’s not always the case. First home buyers going through the First Home Scheme, for example, will only need to produce 10% to secure a house.

In general, the minimum required deposit for existing properties in New Zealand is 20%

The best time to consider refinancing your mortgage is towards the end of your current loan’s term, or when some aspects of your situation have changed that would affect your finances.

You can always look into refinancing to search for a more competitive interest rate, review your loan structure or borrow more money.

There are some potential pitfalls to look out for when refinancing your home.

For example, you may need to cover some of the costs you had to pay when taking out your original mortgage, such as application fees and closing fees. Working with a trusted mortgage broker can ensure you’re prepared for the process, to avoid any nasty surprises.

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