The Benefits & Drawbacks of Using Personal Finances to Fund Small Business

Many small business owners choose to use their personal finances to fund their small business, taking a small business loan from themselves as the business owner, founder, investor or operator, instead of choosing a bank loan or an independent non-bank lender instead. For convenience, and to avoid fees and waiting times, many choose to put their personal finances at risk. Non-bank lenders like Mortgage Masters offer a quality business loan service to all companies within New Zealand, so you don’t have to take this risk.

Consultations in Auckland

Our expert home loan brokers in Auckland are available for consultations for whatever you need from us, whether that’s securing a commercial loan or seeking financial advice. Our strong business relationships within the industry mean that we can provide our clients with recommended business partners for the investment financing that we don’t provide, so all of your needs are taken care of.

We understand that the main benefit of using your personal finances in place of a business loan is the ease and convenience, but the drawbacks may outweigh the positives. By using your own personal finances, you are essentially putting your personal your savings at risk and amongst problems down the line such as making your tax return more difficult at the end of the financial year, further complications may arise for you and business.

Business Loans and Mortgage Services

If you’re financially stable, then choosing a small business loan to improve your credit score could actually be a better, wiser move in business. We provide business loans for new businesses, refinancing across Auckland brands and independent industries, offer commercial mortgage and re-mortgage deals, all amongst a vast array of other mortgage broker services that have now lead us to be one of Auckland’s most highly trusted, independent non-bank lenders.  As one of the best mortgage lenders in the country, we can offer small local businesses an alternative to commercial mortgage deals from a commercial mortgage broker or bank. Commercial bank loans and commercial business loans can involve a copious amount of paperwork and have long waiting times that may not be in the best interests of your business; but we can make getting a small business loan easy and completely beneficial, with longevity.

We provide a number of loan facilities, specialising in variable and fixed-term business loans, business and commercial finance and commercial property finance. By applying for a business loan through Mortgage Masters, we will also have the flexibility and the experience to work with other lenders to create a bespoke loan package, with a repayment structure that is specific to your business requirements.

Book a consultation or ask any questions you may have about your finances by giving us a call on 0800 630 7171.

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