Speed is of the Essence When you Need a Business Loan

Here at Mortgage Masters, we prioritize small business lending to those who need it, deserve it and will create happiness with it. That’s why our clients always leave us satisfied and our team are the highest trusted experts in home and commercial mortgages within Auckland, New Zealand and we are on hand to make sure your residential or business mortgage is right for you.

Fast-Track Your Business Loan

When Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) apply for business loans, there is usually miles of red tape from the big name banks. This means that your long-awaited business loans often don’t arrive in time, which impacts on how you can effectively use your loan, depending on your business’ circumstances. Non-bank lenders like us can fill this gap in the loaning service by fast-tracking your business loan. There’s no pressure selling from us, just good, honest and helpful financial advice and services. We don’t have the stakes in your finances that major banks may have, we only focus on the client’s needs and what the best possible solution on the market can provided for them.

Seeking the Best Loan for You and Your Business

It could be more beneficial for your business to choose a mortgage broker like Mortgage Masters over a bank, because, unlike a mortgage broker, a commercial lending bank has far more hoops to jump through before they can release your funds. Additionally, bank staff are often limited to selling just their bank’s products, meaning that they may be unable to get you the best deal out there. Our Auckland-based mortgage brokers, however, have access to a wide range of products. We simply match your needs and financial situation to the right lender. Our business is not limited to just one institution, with biased KPI targets, limitations and extended waiting periods. Instead, our method is all about achieving the best possible loan on the market for you and your business.

A Range of Business Services

Mortgage Masters offers a range of services, including highly trusted refinancing options, business loans, business home loans, refinancing to your home loan, mortgage brokers, small business loans, business to business loans and loans to new small businesses for set up, amongst a wide range of other mortgage broker services and advice for individuals and small to medium businesses based in and around Auckland, NZ. Our team are friendly, local professionals who don’t believe in the hard sell. As we have nothing to gain by pairing you up with a mortgage that isn’t right for you, we instead help you and your business get the small business loan, first home mortgage or property investment loan that supports your finance and lifestyle goals, in the most efficient and suitable way that we can.

Reach Your Potential

Speed is of the essence when you need a business loan and we know that in the current climate, small and medium businesses need all the help that they can get financially from their clients, customers and financial aiders. As a community-based business with strong ties to Auckland, we wouldn’t have been able to survive as long as we have without the trust of our clients. We can’t wait to help you, your business, and your dreams reach their fullest potential. Visit our Commercial Loans page to learn more, or get in touch with us today.

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