5 Reasons Why Your Business May Need a Business Loan

Getting a small business loan can be stressful, time-consuming and confusing; but Mortgage Masters are here to unlock your local small business’ potential.  We’ll tell you why securing a business loan through an independent non-bank lender in Auckland, such as us, could be the right move for you and your business.

Unlock New Potential

At Mortgage Masters, we understand that big banks, accruing debt and going through the financial and administrative task of securing a small business loan can be scary and may seem like it’s not worth the hassle. The reality is that those extra funds may unlock new potential within your business that you may not have the means to achieve otherwise. Business loans for new businesses and business loans for small businesses, through a non-bank lender, come with copious benefits. Aside from flexibility and experience, our mortgage brokers can access all the deals on the market, to offer you the best deal available to really open the door to growth.

Why Might You Need a Business Loan?

The benefits or reasons why your business may flourish like a flower in spring with a secure, no-nonsense business loan, could include:

  1. Recruit a larger team

Your small business may be expanding and you may not have the means to expand your team alongside it, as necessary. A loan that we secure for you may be the answer, providing the team of determined, helpful staff that you need to maintain success.

  1. Buy more stock

Your stock may be moving quite well and your business may be on the way to expansion, however all you need is a boost in equity and that fuel to your business’ fire may be too bright for your clients and customers to ignore.

  1. Relocate

Move your warehouse, store or business to a better location or office space. Business loans are an investment in the future of your business, paving the way for business expansion such as opening new premises or renovating existing facilities.

  1. Invest in Hardware and Software

Invest in business tools such as new I.T. or software, or the purchase of new equipment, vital to your company operations.

  1. Improve your Credit Score

Your credit score or credit rating improves through constant evidence to moneylenders and financial institutions that you and your business can successfully and responsibly pay back your loans. Our mortgage brokers will present you with options that fit your requirements and budget and we will negotiate the terms, coordinate the due diligence process and work with you and your business’ unique values, all the way through to closing the agreement, ensuring that your credit score will only improve. You may need to secure loans in the future and building on your credit score is not something to avoid, especially in business.

Investing in the Future

Our mortgage brokers will work with you to get you the right loan, with the right terms and at the right rate, quickly and effectively. We take on this role with pride, as we understand that access to capital is essential for all businesses to succeed and grow. Business loans are essentially investments into your future and the future of your passion, your project and your business’ life. Request a Consultation online or contact us today.

Book a consultation or ask any questions you may have about your finances by giving us a call on r 0800 630 7171

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