How to Manage Home Buyer Regret

Buying a house is stressful and no decision is ever perfect. This is why many people, after purchasing a home or property, can feel home buyer regret. Home buyer regret is essentially when a buyer feels regret after the purchase, despite the property, the happiness or the excitement. This is completely normal, so don’t stress out if you are feeling thing and thinking ‘what have I done?’ Home buyer regret can, however, be reduced, by taking a few important steps. Mortgage Masters are leading mortgage brokers in Auckland, and we are here to provide you with some tips on how to reduce that feeling of stress or regret. By choosing cash over credit when you can, cooling off before big decisions and sticking to a budget, your chance of feeling regret can be heavily diminished.   

Cash Over Credit

Choosing cash over credit is our biggest tip, but it is not for everyone. Securing a home loan from a mortgage broker, bank or lender is the best way to buy a house, however the loan repayments and interest rates are not stress-free. This is a huge commitment and the feeling of being overwhelmed can be easily deflected if you pay with cash rather than credit or a loan. This is not an option for most, but if you are an investor who has the entire amount in liquid cash, you can avoid the stress of repayments and interest rates.

Cool off Before Big Decisions

It is also important to cool off before you make any big decision. Many get too excited and make a rash decision, quickly. Mortgage Masters knows this is an exciting process, but we always recommend, especially to a first home buyer, to cool off, research and discuss your decision before jumping in headfirst. This can avoid that later feeling of regret because you have properly thought about what you’re getting yourself into and the huge commitment that property investment can be.

Stick to Your Budget

Lastly, there is nothing more important than sticking to your budget. Again, it can be easy to get pulled in by the rush of excitement and end up promising or spending more than you actually have or can pay off. When you are in your home and you suddenly have so many bills that you can’t really afford, this will instil regret, stress and negativity into the process. These feelings are normal, but we prefer to avoid them where possible.


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